Fred Durst Says Dating Britney Spears 'A Fiasco of Madness'

Fred Durst is talking about his 2003 romance with Britney Spears.


The Limp Bizkit frontman described their relationship, which she has never really acknowledged, to MTV News as "a fiasco of madness."

"I just guess at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her," he said. "I look back on it as very interesting [in terms of] how things have been sort of unraveling for her since. [Still] I'm a supporter. I was then, I guess I am now."

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Spears, who was 21 at the time of the alleged fling, once told the U.K.edition of Glamour that that things may have gotten too serious too quickly.

"He's said some pretty amazing things about me," she said. "But, um, I think he leaped in too deep, too quick."

Durst, 38, wrote on the Limp Bizkit website at the time that he had "never felt this way" about a woman, refering to Spears.

Apparently, the feeling must not have been mutual.

Note to Durst: clingy and needy and still talking about her six years later? Not attractive.

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