Principal Allegedly Pulls Knife, Jokes About Cutting Off Student's Tattoo

A Georgia high school principal allegedly pulled a knife on a student in the hallway and joked he'd cut a tattoo off the student's arm,

Patrick Johnson, a junior at Temple High School in Carroll County, told WSBTV he didn't report the Feb. 6 incident for a month, but then told a school counselor who told his mother.

"I felt something poking me in the arm and I looked over thinking it was one of my buddies, and it's Principal Nash standing there with a knife to my arm," Johnson, who has three tattoos on his arm, told the station. "He had a smile on his face and he said, 'You want me to cut that off your arm?' playing around about it."

Police are investigating the alleged incident, but say Principal Chauncey Nash seemed to be joking, which would make the case for an assault charge a tough sell.

"I'm furious because had it been my son, he would have gone to jail immediately," Pamela Johnson, the student's mother told WSBTV.

Nash declined to comment for the WSBTV story. The district attorney's office and the school system said they will decide what action, if any, will be taken after the police investigation.

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