'Faucets of Fire' Threaten Colorado Home

The water in a Colorado home is so contaminated with natural gas it can be lit on fire, and other homes may be at risk, FOX 31 in Denver reported.

Homeowner Amee Ellsworth tells FOX 31 that she lives in constant fear that her house, or someone else's, will blow up because of the contaminated water.

"I'm terrified," she said. "There are no other words for it. I'm completely terrified. I don't want to watch the news tonight and see someone's house blew up and kids died and I didn't do anything about it."

Officials from the Oil and Gas Commission say the gas is likely coming from a leaking well. There are eight wells owned by two different companies within half a mile of the Fort Lupton house, FOX 31 reported.

The companies, Noble Energy and Anadarko are offering to build a water treatment system for the family to filter out the gas.

"That's a good step in the right direction," Ellsworth said, but she worries the gas will still be underground.

"If I was to go pull a strawberry up out of my ground that I freshly grew, and handed it to you, would you eat it?" Ellsworth asked a FOX 31 reporter. "You were afraid to wash your hands."

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