Pilot on Drug Ecstasy Kills Teen in Plane Crash

A 13-year-old boy was killed on a birthday flight treat in England — when the pilot crashed while using ecstasy, an inquest heard Tuesday.

Jamie Clapp and Robert Gunter, 34, died when the plane fell 200 feet after it took off too steeply and stalled.

Gunter had taken the drug hours before flying the Cessna 150.

He had 0.28 mg of ecstasy chemical MDMA in his blood — well over a "recreational" level of 0.2 mg — when he died at Clutton Hill, Somerset.

The inexperienced pilot had just 79 hours of flying under his belt and was being probed by the Civil Aviation Authority for navigational bungles.

Wing Commander Graham Maidment, an aviation pathologist, said the drug can give "increased self-confidence."

Deputy Coroner Tony Woodburn told the hearing at Flax Bourton: "Gunter sought to enhance his excitement that day."

Jamie’s mother Alison Smart, 41, of Mangotsfield, Bristol, said: “This could have been prevented if the responsible organizations had been doing their jobs properly.”

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