Salma Hayek Reveals Some Colorful Secrets in April 'InStyle'

When asked to describe her Ugly Betty producer and fellow Latina co-star Salma Hayek, actress America Ferrera says she is “the whole box of crayons.”

Indeed, in the April issue of InStyle magazine, Hayek, 42, paints a picture into her colorful life as an actress, mother, wife and activist.

“I identify with enigmatic colors,” she told InStyle. “I don’t want to be blue, I don’t want to be green. I just want to be myself.”

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And being her beautiful and talented self has certainly catapulted the former soap opera actress into a bonafide Hollywood star, not to mention a fixture on the red carpet fashion scene.

But her fashion sense isn’t all her doing, as she candidly reveals.

“I’m going to say it. I shouldn’t say it but …” she tells InStyle, speaking of her Golden Globes gown. “The truth is … that dress was picked by Francois.” Just days later, Hayek and Francois Pinault married in a Valentine’s Day ceremony in Paris.

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A colorfully romantic scene, no doubt, because would Hayek have it no other way.

To read more of Salma's interview, pick up the April issue of InStyle on newsstands March 20.

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