Murdered Model Died From Single Gunshot to the Head

The cause of death of a murdered ex-model from Tennessee was ruled to be a bullet wound to her head, according to the medical examiner.

Lisa Renee Davis, 29, died from a single shot from a .22 caliber gun belonging to her killer — an acquaintance named Austin Agee who committed suicide and confessed to the crime in a note that told police where to find the woman's body.

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The Shelby County Medical Examiner issued the preliminary cause of death to the Bartlett Police Department, reported.

The autopsy showed that a gun found in Agee's vehicle was the murder weapon used to kill Davis, the station said.

There was no conclusive evidence that Davis was sexually assaulted, according to the medical examiner, but more forensic testing will be done.

Investigators also determined that Agee, 21, acted alone.

Last week, Davis' parents offered condolences to Agee's family. Police were on their way to his parents' house to question him when he killed himself.

"To the Agee family — our heartfelt sympathy goes out to you," said a written statement released to the media Friday.

A note found at Agee's residence led authorities to Davis' body in a remote field hours after he shot himself.

Davis and Agee had just begun spending time together about two or three weeks before her murder, police told reporters. He was believed to be one of the four people out with Davis the night she vanished.

The part-time model was last seen about 2 a.m. Sunday when friends including Agee dropped her off at home after a night out. Co-workers at a local motorcycle dealership grew worried when she didn't show up to her job there on Sunday and called authorities.

Davis' engagement to another man ended about the time she met Agee.

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