Freezing Worker Burned After Riding Conveyer Belt Through Oven

One freezing Swedish worker may want to invest in some mittens after he was yanked from an industrial strength oven in which he was trying to warm up, The Local reported Monday.

Sweden's Work Environment Authority called for a risk assessment after the February incident at Ballingslöv, a cabinet and fixture maker in Hässleholm.

A truck driver tried to escape the frigid winter temperatures by taking a ride on a conveyer belt through one of the company's shrink ovens, The Local reported. The toasty ride was cut short however, when the man's weight on the belt caused the motor to shut down, leaving him stranded in the middle of a 365-degree oven.

Local media reported that the driver sustained serious injuries, but was dragged to safety by the oven's operator.

Sweden's Work safety agency plans not only to take a look into the company's operations but into the surveillance surrounding the ovens as well.

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