Doctor May Lose License Over Patient Sex Act

A celebrity plastic surgeon who allowed a patient to perform oral sex on him before he gave her a nose job is fighting to keep his medical license.

Martyn Mendelsohn, an ear, nose and throat surgeon who appeared on an Australian medical reality television show called RPA, fronted appeared before a NSW Medical Tribunal Monday over allegations he engaged in a sexual act with a female patient.

Mendelsohn, 50, admitted he did not attempt to stop a 22-year-old patient performing oral sex on him during an after-hours consultation in May 2005.

The woman had visited Mendelsohn on a number of occasions and arrived that evening for surgery on her nose, the tribunal heard.

Mendelsohn said he considered telling the patient he could not continue with the operation after the sex act occurred, but decided to go ahead with it anyways. He then administered four drugs to the patient, and went ahead with the "minor procedure."

"It was a decision I made that I regret," he said. "Knowing her nose better than anyone else, I was in a unique position to take care of the problem."

After the woman left the surgery, she asked her boyfriend to take her to the police, where she pressed sexual assault charges against the doctor.

"I think I was probably flattered," the doctor said, adding that the patient made a number of flattering remarks.

"I think I possibly welcomed those comments and I shouldn't have," he said.

The hearing continues.

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