Boy, 6, Speared Through Torso With 6-Foot Iron Rod, Liver Injured

Six-year-old Mehul Kumar was speared through the torso with a 6-foot iron rod.

The boy, from Jharkand, India, was rushed to the hospital after he impaled himself falling off a terrace and onto a rod Thursday.

The boy was fully conscious when he arrived at the hospital. Doctors removed the rod during a 4-hour operation and said he had lost a lot of blood and suffered some injuries, but "nothing major."

"Opening the abdomen, we discovered his liver was injured, the stomach was injured, but thankfully, the spleen and pancreas were safe," said surgeon Sandeep Aggarwal said. "The child was lucky that he did not suffer any major injury but yes he had substantial injuries."

Aggarwal praised Mehul for his strong willpower.

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