Teen's 'Lost' Downloads Cost Mom $50,000

And you thought your cell-phone bill was steep.

A city councilwoman in a Madrid suburb is out up to $50,000 after her teenaged daughter used her work-provided cellular modem to download several episodes of "Lost" off the Internet, Spain's El Mundo newspaper reports.

The girl apparently couldn't get her family's Wi-Fi signal in her own bedroom. So she borrowed her mother's 3G cellular modem — which the city council of Getafe paid the bill for — to satisfy her TV jones.

"I was absolutely unaware that such usage [using the 3G modem for downloading TV shows] could result in such excessive costs," said the mother, a member of Spain's opposition People's Party, according to the translation provided by TorrentFreak.com. "I have a flat rate plan at my home and something like this has never happened before."

Most cellular modems take the form of a USB stick, which can then be plugged into a laptop or desktop to provide semi-fast Internet access via cellular wireless data networks.

The mother was unaware that her daughter was racking up such a huge bill until she was presented with the tab by the municipality at the end of 2008. She's promised to pay back the city council.

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