Google Tracks Readers' Interests to Make Advertising Personal

Google has started targeting its users with advertisements based on their online history, the company said Wednesday.

Google said it has developed a system that can track users who visit sites that show Google advertising. By following users through the sites, Google is able to display advertising that is relevant to each individual user.

The company said in a statement: "If you love to travel and frequently visit travel-related Web sites, you're more likely to see interest-based ads about vacations and travel deals as you surf the Web.

"If you visit a Web site that sells pet supplies, you might see an ad from that particular pet supply Web site the next time you browse other sites showing interest-based ads from Google."

Other companies in the online industry have already embraced behavioral advertising of this sort, but privacy campaigners have consistently fought against tracking for advertising purposes. Google calls the system "interest-based advertising."

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