New Web Service Keeps Your Passwords Until You Die

Ever wonder what happens to your Facebook account after you die? Someone does.

That someone is Legacy Locker, a new online service announced Tuesday that allows people to securely store usernames, passwords and other access information for all their digital assets — from Facebook and MySpace accounts to Gmail and PayPal — and pass that information along to beneficiaries in the event of their death.

Jeremy Toeman, co-founder of Legacy Locker, a San Francisco startup, says this kind of system is a lot easier than trying to wrestle the information out of social-networking sites and Web companies as a family member of the deceased.

"It's the online equivalent of a safety deposit box," Toeman says.

Upon the death of a Legacy Locker member, family members simply call or email Legacy Locker and supply the death certificate, along with other verification criteria. Once that's done, Legacy Locker sends the information onto the designated beneficiaries of the deceased.

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