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GLENN BECK, HOST: Now, recently, we sat down comedian Jeff Foxworthy and asked him about principles and values and the death of common sense in America. Take a look.


BECK (on camera): You know, it seems to me that, like — that common sense is dead in at least parts — every part of America that seems to be running America right now — just dead.


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BECK: What do we —

FOXWORTHY: Common sense is the most valuable asset, too. I think out of whatever gifts I have, that is the best. I have common sense. You know, my kids have common sense.

BECK: How would Jeff Foxworthy fix America today?

FOXWORTHY: You know what? I think you need to readjust. You know, I think our view has been skewed, and sometimes you have to go through the pain of letting things correct themselves.

BECK: But see, nobody wants pain.

FOXWORTHY: Nobody wants the pain. But you know, it's funny someone said the other day God bless America. And I'm thinking, when you say that, you're just thinking of having stuff ladled on you. And maybe the blessing is being stripped down a little bit and getting back to the things that are more essential.

BECK: Can I ask you something? Have you ever prayed for humility?

FOXWORTHY: All the time. Yes.

BECK: He puts that one out. That's the only prayer God ever answers.


FOXWORTHY: Well, I pulled somebody. I said, "Here's the deal. You're either living in a state of humility or you're headed towards one."

BECK: Yes. And I pray every night, "Please, Lord, let us find our way to our own humility. Please slow this down so we can find humility somewhere, because I know it will just keep sliding until, you know, we finally go, "Oh, yes, I remember, in you we trust." You know what I mean?

FOXWORTHY: Yes, yes. It's historical, you know. I mean, when you look back, it is like, you know, the slaves being freed from Egypt, you know. And then after a while, they forget. They forget, you know.

BECK: I was reading the story, you know, of the Israelites and Moses and everything to my kids. We read scriptures every night. And so I was reading that part and I'm thinking to myself, these people were either so stupid or this is just — we've missed some time here, because how did they just get out of slavery. The waters part and then he says, "I've got to go up to the mountain. Ten minutes later, they're having sex, "Let's make a golden calf," you know. Yet, here we are.

FOXWORTHY: But this is us. This is us right now, you know. You come to put your trust in the things of the world. And then, when they let you down, you're shocked, you know. And it just happens over and over again, historically.

BECK: Yes. When you're looking — I'm shocked that the stock market — I had so much trust in all of these gigantic global corporations.

FOXWORTHY: And us living over our heads.

BECK: I know.

FOXWORTHY: So we're paying the price for it.

BECK: Thanks a lot, Jeff.

FOXWORTHY: You bet, Buddy.

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