Dying Reality Star Gets Menaced With Hammer

A woman with a hammer confronted dying reality TV star Jane Goody in her hospital.

Goody's publicist told The Guardian that the TV star, who is being treated for terminal cancer and has been given weeks to live, woke to find a stranger in her room.

Police said the woman was carrying the hammer in a large bag.

Goody's husband had apparently stepped away for a cup of tea when the woman found her way into Goody's room.

The woman ran when Goody called for help, and was apprehended by police.

"Officers attended and arrested a 41-year-old woman for possession of an offensive weapon and took her into custody at a west London police station," said a police spokesman.

So what did they do with her?

"On the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service the woman has been released with no further action," said the spokesman.

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