Woman 'Dies' on Operating Table, Gives Birth 8 Days Later

A woman who was six months pregnant had a heart attack and “died” on the hospital operating table but was revived and gave birth eight days later.

Cheryl Crisp, 35, collapsed on a shopping trip and had to be revived twice. Her heart then stopped several times during an emergency operation to remove a blood clot.

Doctors could not give her the usual heart drugs as they risked harming her unborn son.

But both Crisp and her baby survived. Medics say they were “incredibly lucky." She regained consciousness after six days.

Forty-eight hours later she felt pains and 2-pound 7-ounce Albie was born.

The 11-week-old is still in the hospital suffering breathing problems but will be allowed home soon.

Crisp, a mother of three who lives in Beckenham, South London, said, “I am fine now and ecstatic that Albie is coming along so well.”

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