Man Guilty of Murder in Death of Harry Potter Actor

A violent, knife-wielding thug has convicted of murdering a young actor who appears in the latest Harry Potter film.

Karl Bishop, 22, armed himself with two kitchen knives to confront Rob Knox and his friends outside the Metro bar in Sidcup, south east London, last May. Bystanders saw his face “screwed up in rage” as he lashed out with the blades, stabbing his victims at least 10 times in less than two minutes.

Rob, 18, had rushed outside to try to protect his younger brother Jamie after hearing that Bishop had threatened him. But he ended up being stabbed five times, once fatally in a main artery. He died in hospital later that night.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: “Unhappily, his courage and his sense of duty were to cost him his life.”

Rob’s life, full of promise, was brought to an end by a “habitual knife carrier” who thought of stabbing people as an “occupational hazard” and had previous convictions for knife crime, Altman said.

The actor had completed filming on Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, in which he played the part of Marcus Belby, just days before, and was looking forward to reprising the role in the next installment of the series. The film is due to be released in July.

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