2009 Geneva Motor Show

Finally, a little joy in Mudville.

The Geneva Motor Show opens to the public today and the Swiss miss of all auto shows looks to be a lot sweeter than the dour events consumers have been treated to in the United States this season.

With over 130 vehicles being introduced, more than twice as many as were rolled out in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show in January, it’s easy to forget that the global auto industry is coming off its worst month of sales in decades.

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From a 187 mph hybrid supercar, to a pod that runs on compressed air, automakers from around the world are aiming to prove that being green doesn’t mean the end of driving as we know it, and woo some new customers in the process. Volkswagen even managed to buck the alternative fuel trend with the 71 mpg five-seat Polo, which runs on good old fashioned diesel.

Executives from Ford and General Motors made the trip – flying commercial - to show off their newest, fuel efficient cars. The 2010 Chevy Spark subcompact and a Euorpean version of the Chevy Volt named the Opel Ampera from GM, and the Ford Iosis Concept, which hints at what the next Ford Focus economy will look like when it hits the road in a couple of years. If the Iosis is any indication, it will look pretty cool.

Chrysler is the only one of the Detroit 3 not unveiling any new cars at the show, instead relying on possible ally Fiat to wow the crowd with a convertible version of the 500 supermini.

That little Italian treat should be making the trip to America in a couple of years, but most of what's on display is pure eye candy, so here you go...

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