Police Officer Who Claimed to See Demon Sues NYPD for Religious Discrimination

A police officer who allegedly once claimed to have seen a demon in police headquarters is suing the NYPD, saying brass stripped him of his badge and gun because he's too religious.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Lt. Dominic Maglione, 44, said he has been placed on modified duty at Brooklyn's 90th Precinct because of his "religious beliefs and practices."

The NYPD's "decision to remove [Maglione's] badge and gun because of [his] allegedly 'excessive' religious practices violates the First Amendment," the suit said.

NYPD officials said that they took away his gun after a psychotic episode in April 2006, and that he shouldn't get it back because of the demon hallucination and troubling psychiatric diagnoses, including bipolar, mood, psychotic and delusional disorders.

"The medical board believes that the lieutenant cannot be allowed to be in possession of any weapons since he feels subject to God's will to do what God wants him to do even if he destroys himself," the NYPD filings say.

Maglione's lawyer did not return a call for comment.

Maglione joined New York's Finest in 1987 and had "a clean record" when he had the psychotic episode in 2006, NYPD filings attached to his suit said.

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