Ethics Problems Plague Another Obama Nominee

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Urban Scamming

If you thought the ethics problems of the Obama appointees ended when Tom Daschle left the stage, think again. The New York Daily News reports that President Obama's nominee to head the White House Office on Urban Policy has some serious ethical problems of his own.

Adolfo Carrion Jr., who served as Bronx borough president until his nomination by the president, had a mysterious pattern of receiving contributions from various groups and individuals, either right before or right after approving their building projects. In just one example of this convenient arrangement, a developer raised more than $6,000 in cash for Carrion just two months before Carrion approved his project.

This pattern was replicated time and again throughout Carrion's tenure as borough president. If Carrion brings his questionable ethics with him to the nation's capital and has an opportunity to practice this scheme on a national level, he will become a very rich man at your expense. Mark it another broken campaign promise for team Obama.

Rahm "Reaches Out"

Rahm "Rahmbo" Emanuel sashayed onto "Face the Nation" over the weekend to tell host Bob Schieffer all about the administration's gift for bipartisanship and reaching out. In the same breath, he took a shot at Rush Limbaugh! For his gross hypocrisy, Mr. Emanual is getting our Liberal Translation treatment:


RAHM EMANUEL, CHIEF OF STAFF: First of all, we did succeed, number one, in bipartisanship.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Three votes, out of the 219 Republicans in Congress! Talk about bipartisanship!

EMANUEL: You are right on the economic recovery act because of its boldness, we had three.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Bold, /bold/, — adj: raising taxes, doubling the deficit and demonizing the opposition.

EMANUEL: We will continue to reach out as we did in the fiscal summit this — earlier this week as we will on the health care summit on Thursday. But our goal, our goal, Bob, is to continue to reach out.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: We will continue to reach out with my famous foul language.

EMANUEL: And it's our desire that the Republicans would work with us and try to be constructive rather than adopt the philosophy of somebody like Rush Limbaugh who's praying for failure.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Comrade Schumer said just the other day: While we are transforming America into a socialist paradise, opposition will not be tolerated.


Newsflash, Rahm: When you're talking about how great you are at reaching out, it's best not to insult the people you're supposedly reaching out to.

Let it Snow...

If there's a terrible snowstorm happening, a protest about global warming is going on somewhere, and Monday was no different. With snowstorms causing problems all over the East Coast, the organization Capitol Climate Action revved up to stage an act of mass civil disobedience at a coal-fired power plant in Washington, D.C. Susan Sarandon billed it this way:


SUSAN SARANDON, ACTRESS: Gandhi. Martin Luther King. They were willing to stand up for what's right even if it meant peacefully breaking the law. Civil disobedience can overcome great challenges, and global warming is the greatest challenge of our time.

On March 2 thousands will come together in Washington, D.C. for a historic protest on the climate crisis. Many will continue our tradition of peaceful civil disobedience. The American people will take a stand at Congress's own coal-fired power plant, a glaring symbol of coal's hold over our government.


And the protestors carried forth the legacy of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, shivering in the snow as they protest the Earth's rising temperature! Maybe it's just a coincidence that nearly every global warming protest occurs on the same day as a major snowstorm, or maybe the big guy up there is trying to send these people a message. We report, you decide.

Bridge to Nowhere

President Obama may have pledged to usher in a new era of diplomatic relations for the United States, but he's not the one making the first move towards Iran.

Yahoo News reports that actress Annette Benning is in Iran as a part of a "Hollywood delegation" that includes filmmakers and actors from the Academy of Motion Pictures. According to Benning, she wants to "be a bridge to open a dialogue between the two countries."

Unfortunately for Ms. Benning, that's a bridge too far. The powers that be in Iran greeted the Hollywood delegation by demanding they apologize for the many insults dealt to Muslims in American films. An aide to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, "The Iranian people and our revolution have been repeatedly unjustly attacked by Hollywood," citing movies such as "300" and "The Wrestler."

No word whether the delegation apologized for its many offenses or plans to return without building that bridge.

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