Chevy Volt Now Available in 3 Flavors

The Chevrolet Volt has gone international.

Still nearly two years away from hitting the streets, General Motors' extended range electric car now comes in European and Australian versions.

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The Opel Ampera made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show on Tuesday with a drastically different face than the American version of the next-generation automobile. But while the bold X factor front end is more futuristic-looking than the one on the Chevy, the mechanical parts underneath are basically the same as the one we'll get here. Both are expected to go on sale in the 2011 model year.

• Report: GM May Spin Off Opel Unit.

The designers at General Motors' Australian division, Holden, don't seem to be as ambitious as their European counterparts, merely swapping their company's lion head logo for the Chevrolet bowtie. Given the small size of the market Down Under, about 1 million cars in total per year, they probably won't be selling enough of them to justify a major redesign anyway.

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