Ann Coulter on Conservatives, Limbaugh's CPAC Speech

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GLENN BECK, HOST: I don't know what's going on with the conservatives in America. Now, the RNC Chairman Michael Steele is picking on Rush Limbaugh, calling him an entertainer whose show is, quote, "incendiary and ugly." Really?

With me now is syndicated columnist and best-selling author, Ann Coulter. Her latest book is "Guilty: Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America." Ann, is this what we can expect from the Republican Party?


BECK: You kind of get it. You know what? I speak from experience — alcoholic. Just drinking Jack Daniels like crazy, until, you know, you're just like — is that vomit on my face?

So then I know what it's like to hit bottom. These people in Washington — they haven’t hit bottom. They have no idea what bottom is. Why should we trust them?

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COULTER: I don't know if that's was a question of hitting bottom. I am very disappointed, and not because you can't criticize Rush Limbaugh. You can disagree with Rush Limbaugh, but that's buying —

BECK: But the show was ugly?

COULTER: No. That's what I was just going to say. That is buying into stupid left-wing stereotypes. That is like Scott McClellan coming up with all the stereotypes about Bush. That is just a suck-up to the liberal media, and I didn't expect it from Michael Steele.

By the way, he was not my number one choice. Ken Blackwell was. But since Michael Steele was chosen, he has been so good on TV. He's been so funny and charming, so I'm really disappointed by that, because that's just recycling left-wing talking point.

BECK: I don't care what anybody is like in TV. I don't care what they look like. I don't care — stand up for some values.

COULTER: Right. Right.

BECK: And you know what? If you go down and everybody hates your guts — oh, well. Stand up for what you believe in.

COULTER: Right. No, that's right. And that was the big part of what —

BECK: Where are they?

COULTER: Where are they? I'll tell you where they are.

BECK: Where are they?

COULTER: It's stunning. They're on radio. They're on TV. They're writing books. The conservative movement has the best talkers, the best thinkers —

BECK: No, no. I just would like some —

COULTER: The ones in Congress?

BECK: Yes.

COULTER: Yes. Yes, that's —

BECK: 58 percent of the American people — and it's around there. 58 percent — Media Matters is not going to check this one because it doesn't help the Republicans. So 58 percent say that they think that the Republicans voted against Barack Obama just because of politics, and you know what? I happen to be one of those people.


BECK: Yes.


BECK: Yes.

COULTER: Three percent. Actually, we didn't have three percent against — oh, sorry.

BECK: No, you've got — you can't tell me, Ann Coulter, that there aren't a lot of Republicans in there that's going, "You know what? If I vote against him, I can be in the opposition and maybe they'll look — "


BECK: But if they were —

COULTER: Not that many.

BECK: If it was reversed it would be the same —

COULTER: No, no, no, no.

BECK: They'd vote the same way.

COULTER: No, no, no, no. It's no. Now, they can vote their principles. Some of them didn't vote their principles.

BECK: What principles do they have? Name one. Name one, besides hitting —

COULTER: Well, government freedoms.

BECK: Really? Which one? Was that George Bush that gave us smaller government?

COULTER: Well, that was the problem before. It is a lot tougher being governing majority. You have to get coalitions. You have to go along with your president, which was Bush.

BECK: May I just — Heidi, who is normally Erin. She is dressed with the pigtails today. She looks like Heidi. We haven't had any hot chocolate and now she's telling us we have to break. So hang on just a second.


BECK: Back again with syndicated columnist and best-selling author, Ann Coulter.

COULTER: I think we just wrapped everything up on the break.

BECK: Yes, we did. Sorry we were kibitzing without you. So I'm watching in my office. I've got a bunch of TVs. And I can't figure out how to get to the Cartoon Network, so I'm watching all the news channels. And a network that shall not be named was running all day today the Rush Limbaugh stuff. And over and over again, and they're saying is this the face of the new conservative?


BECK: I listened to this speech, and I heard the network coverage on the other not-to-be-named network —


BECK: And it was some of the most hateful stuff coming out of it ...

COULTER: Yes. Oh, yes.

BECK: ... that these people are hateful, et cetera, et cetera.


BECK: I didn't hear anything that was hateful in there. I mean, heard sarcasm and comedy.

COULTER: Right. In fact, I will give you a couple points on that. One was when the network that will not be named checked with really kind of — kind of a moronic commentator, Bill Schneider, who they treat as Socrates over at the station that won't be named. He comes on and gives an analysis of Rush's speech and says he is so angry in such an angry tone. He was angry.

And as he is saying that, right next to him is running the video of Rush Limbaugh talking. He's laughing. He's smiling. He's joking. It was like a sketch from the old "Half-Hour News Hour."

And the other thing that I know is because I was there and some of my friends were, you know, guards and publicists and so on, who had been to a CPAC before. One thing that is overwhelming about CPAC is all of the hot babes. I would be a conservative if we weren't so good looking. But wow, we have a lot of pulchritude on our side.

And meanwhile — no, it's not me. I'm quite disheveled.

BECK: No, I'm just saying. I've been pointing out the hot babes.

COULTER: No, I'm disheveled for a Republican. The males are pretty good looking. They're pretty much like you, but we do have a couple of nerds.

OK. The other stations would find the dorkiest-looking person, the most empty room at the convention that had 9,000 participants and fixate on the one dorky-looking person.

BECK: Look, what we're doing is re-treading, I mean, ground that we all know.

COULTER: And the other thing, I wanted to say about what you were saying — this obsession is Russia our leader? Is Russia our leader? I finally figured out why that bugs me so much. Right-wing and conservative power has always bubbled up from the bottom.

You — Rush Limbaugh came out of a strong legal family. He goes on radio. He gets fired. He gets fired. He gets fired. Free republic. Just some guy out in California. Joe the plumber — it's always been bottom up.

BECK: Sure.

COULTER: Not with the Democrats. Oh, no. They have a Nazi collaborator, literally, international financier George Soros funding their phony grassroots organizations. So they look at Rush and say, "Who is funding you?" Well, Rush Limbaugh is funding Rush Limbaugh.

BECK: And Rush, you can fund me as well if you're all right with me. I wouldn't say no.

You know what? I have to say I'm a little hacked off at CPAC only because this is the era where you can just coast and I like being number three, because nobody gets up in the morning and is like, "I want to take on number three." You know what I mean? Nobody.

And the poll came out, and I looked at this. The next morning — I got up in the morning and I said, "Geez," I said to my wife — I said, "We've been voted." What was it, Gresh? Your favorite media personality either on TV or radio. Rush Limbaugh, 26; 17, Glenn Beck.

Actually, I have to tell you the truth. When I saw that, A, I thought it was wrong, and B, I saw that and thought I can't believe my name is even on that list.

COULTER: Yes, but you at least have a TV and a radio show. I note there is one person on that list without either. And by the way, that is the end of it for you, because the fairness doctrine is coming.

BECK: Yes, I know.

COULTER: So glad you sailed past Cindy Sheehan on this one.

BECK: All right. Thank you so much, Ann.

COULTER: Good to see you.

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