Obama vs. Budget Director on Deficit

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Deficit? Yippee!

You may remember that on the campaign trail, President Obama railed against the massive deficits that had accumulated during President Bush's two terms:


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We are now looking at a deficit of well over half of a trillion dollars, so one of the things that I think we have to recognize is that pursuing the same kinds of policies that we have pursued over the last eight years is not going to bring down the deficit. We've got to take this in a new direction, and that is what I propose as president.


Well, one of the president's top advisers seems to have a different view of the nation's $1.75 trillion deficit. Budget whiz kid Peter Orszag told our own Neil Cavuto Thursday that deficits are a good thing during a recession:


PETER ORSZAG, BUDGET DIRECTOR: During an economic downturn like we are experiencing, the deficit gets elevated, and that is not only natural, it is also beneficial.


How quickly things change. Who knew a huge deficit could be so good for all of us?

The Prez Preaches

First it was the $787 billion spending package. Then it was his $3 trillion budget. And what does the president choose to lecture Americans on? Fiscal responsibility! And for that, he gets our Liberal Translation treatment:


OBAMA: Just as a family has to make hard choices about where to spend and where to save, so do we as a government.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And the hard choice has been made: We're going to spend. Hey, it's your money, not mine!

OBAMA: There are times when you can afford to redecorate your house, and there are times when you need to refocus on rebuilding its foundation. Today, we have to focus on foundation.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: But that doesn't mean we aren't doing some redecorating too. Take the $44 million I am spending to renovate the Department of Agriculture, for example.

OBAMA: Having inherited a trillion dollar deficit that will take us a long time to us close...

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Especially now that I have DOUBLED it.

OBAMA: ... we need to focus on what we need to do to move the economy forward, not on what is nice to have.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And by "we" I mean YOU. I'm not giving up my plane, chopper, limo and personal chef.


Mr. President, I'm not sure what you do better, give speeches or spend the taxpayers' money.

Border Bravery

The brave men and women of the Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona, were able to thwart one of the biggest smuggling attempts of the year last week.

Take a look at this dramatic video that captures the high-speed chase. There at the bottom of the screen you see one of two white pickup trucks being pursued by the Border Patrol. As agents close in on the stolen trucks, you will see them reach a Border Patrol barrier gate, causing the smugglers to abandon their vehicles and flee into Mexico.

Fortunately, two of the men did not get far. Shortly after this video was shot, the smugglers were apprehended by the authorities in Mexico.

And that's not the only thing the Border Patrol found. The two stolen pickup trucks were carrying 327 bundles of marijuana with a total combined weight of over two tons and the street value estimated to be well over $3 million.

A special thanks to our friends at the Yuma Sector Border Patrol for sharing this video with us. And thank you for continuing to keep our country safe. You're all great Americans.

Computer Whiz

The Miami Herald reports that the Computer Youth Club in Havana recently gave out its annual awards to honor the people judged most influential in advancing the technology in Cuba. The winners?

Number one: Fidel Castro! The Cuban dictator was recognized for being the father of the computer movement in Cuba! You know, even though less than one percent of the Cuban population owns computers, and the rest are prohibited from accessing a whole host of Internet sites.

The other honoree was — you'll be shocked to hear — Cuban President Raul Castro who was singled out for his "confidence" in Cuban youth. Speaking of Cuban youth, I wonder what happened to Cuba's most famous youngster, Elian Gonzalez.

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