Gordon Ramsay's Soccer Career Is a Bunch of Baloney, Report Says

It looks like some stories told by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay are a bunch of baloney.

The 42-year-old never played for the Glasgow Rangers soccer club, though he's long made the claim in his autobiography, on the radio and in a series of interviews, the News of the World reported.

"He was never a signed player for us and certainly didn't play any first team games and wasn't offered any sort of contract — it's all complete and utter nonsense," the Scottish team's historian, Robert McElroy, told the British tabloid.

Rangers coach Archie Knox, who Ramsay says cut him from the team, says that would've been impossible.

"He must be a very confused individual," Knox said. "I was the manager of Dundee [a different team] at the time."

The tabloid reported Ramsay told fellow chef Marco Pierre White that he was lying about his soccer career, explaining, "it just came out of my mouth and it was a good story at the time."

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