Trickster Octopus Tugs Valve, Floods Santa Monica Aquarium

An eight-armed trickster is accused of flooding the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium's California offices Thursday morning with saltwater.

Aquarium staff blames the aquarium's small resident two-spotted octopus known for her curiosity for the soaking.

"It found something loose and just pulled on it," Tara Treiber, the aquarium's education manager, told the Los Angeles Times. "They are very smart creatures."

Staff said they believe the octopus tugged open a water valve allowing in hundreds of gallons of water to overflow its tank.

The newspaper reported that a worker found about 3 inches of water outside the tank.

Fortunately for its neighbors, the excess water did not harm any sea life. But the water might have damaged the aquarium's new, ecologically-designed floors.

"They are solitary but curious creatures," Treiber told the newspaper.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.