Pakistani Army Colonel 'Was Involved' in Mumbai Terror Attacks

Police in Mumbai say they have identified at least one serving officer in the Pakistan Army as being involved in the terrorist attacks on the city that killed more than 170 people in November.

The 11,200-page document listing the charges against Azam Amir Kasab, the sole gunman to be captured alive, includes the name of Colonel R Sadatullah, who is thought by the Indian police to be a serving officer in the Pakistan Army’s Special Communications Organisation, an offshoot of the force’s signals corps.

The naming of the colonel represents the most specific allegation of involvement of an individual with a link to the Pakistani state in the Mumbai atrocities yet made by India. The move will place an additional strain on the troubled relationship between the two nuclear-armed neighbors.

It is understood that Colonel Sadatullah has been implicated through the tracing of an official government e-mail account linked to him that was used to send at least one message related to the attacks.

Rakesh Maria, the head of the Mumbai police crime branch, who is heading the investigation, confirmed to The Times that the officer is wanted for questioning.

The Mumbai police also suspect the involvement of another army officer, who is referred to only as the “major general” in telephone calls between the ten Islamist gunmen who rampaged through Mumbai and their alleged handlers in Pakistan, Mr Mariah added.

The details emerged after the police formerly charged Kasab, who helped gun down more than 50 people at Mumbai’s main train station, for the first time yesterday. The boyish 21-year-old, who was christened “the baby-faced killer” after being caught grinning on CCTV while bearing an AK-47 and a haversack full of ammunition, was charged with a catalogue of crimes including waging war on India and murder. He faces being sent to the gallows if convicted.

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