Outrage Kills Plan to Pay Off Debt

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GLENN BECK, HOST: The city of Houston almost voted on a plan today to take money out of the pockets of hard-working residents who pay their bills on time to pay down the credit cards of those people who don't pay their bills on time.

Pam Holm is a Houston city councilwoman who voted against — thank God there's somebody sane — she voted against this plan today, if it didn't die. Well, welcome, Pam. How are you?

PAM HOLM (R), HOUSTON TX COUNCILWOMAN: I'm great, Glenn. Thank you so much for letting me be here with you today.

BECK: Please explain how this insanity was going to work.

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HOLM: Thank you so much. Because what could have happened in Houston could happen anywhere in the country. For a moment in time, Houstonians believed that because of an item placed on the agenda that had no committee process, had no discussion, that surprised each and every one of our council members, because this item was placed on the agenda that basically allowed our taxpayer dollars to use and to pay down the indebtedness of individuals so that they might raise their credit scores to apply for mortgages.

BECK: Oh, so it's like a local Freddie and Fannie.

HOLM: The good news is —

BECK: It's perfect. When are we going to ever learn our lesson? How many times do we have to be kicked in the head before we learn our lesson here?

HOLM: I think that is what is so critical for us to get the word out to everybody. Because in this day and age, our tax dollars have got to be spent appropriately. And in the city of Houston, and nowhere — and I brought with me — these are e-mails I received from citizens who found out about this, many of them just from "The Houston Chronicle." That's how little notice and discussion there was.

BECK: You know, Pam —

HOLM: This program was brought down. It was pulled. Yes, sir?

BECK: Let me just ask you this.

HOLM: Yes.

BECK: In this day and age, our tax dollars have to be spent wisely.

HOLM: Yes.

BECK: Is there any talk about anybody taking the tax dollars that are just laying around there and giving them to the taxpayers? I don't mean the ones who don't pay taxes. I mean the people who actually paid the taxes and giving some of that money back?

HOLM: Well, you know, to me, that is exactly — if we had too much money, it is never appropriate to use public dollars, our taxpayers' dollars, to subsidize or help individuals with their personal credit problem in any form or fashion, for any reason.

Well, if we have this surplus money, then, yes, let's give it back to the taxpayers. Let's put it in these core services of infrastructure that we need. Or let's roll back the tax rate.

BECK: Yes, let's give it back. Thank you very much, Pam. I appreciate it.

You know what just kills me, America? We are taking money from responsible people and giving those dollars to irresponsible people. Oh, that's going to work out nicely!

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