12 Steps to Stopping Terror

The following is a list of the 12 steps in the Masjid el Noor Mosque's Specialized De-Radicalization Intervention Program, a "detox" program designed to stop would-be terrorists:

1. Who is Allah: His Mercy to all.
2. Using verses from the Holy Koran that speak of peace and good conduct.
3. Who is Muhammad: His mercy, kind manner, humble attitude, wisdom, patience.
4. Using hadith: Commentaries that provide ethics and other moral training.
5. Using stories of Comapanions: A knowledge-based pursuit.
6. Stories from history: Contexts and underlying factors, not always glory of God.
7. Islamic scholarship: What it seeks for the individual to know, and how.
8. Abrahamic Faith: The interconnectedness of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
9. Other faiths: common ground, not fighting ground.
10. Open Society of Canada: What it means for the majority (how to reconcile dogmatic idealism with pragmatic realism)
11. Seeing the whole as one: Global challenges affecting us all.
12. Advocacy: Actively countering extremist ideology through education, public speaking and writing.