Mexican Drug Lord Extradited to United States

Mexico has agreed to extradite to the United States a man arrested years ago in Mexico on charges that he trafficked cocaine and marijuana for over a decade, FOX News has learned.

Miguel Caro-Quintero allegedly is the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, suspected of cultivating, producing and distributing marijuana. The cartel owns many ranches in Sonora, located close to the U.S. border.

Drugs allegedly are stored at the ranches, and drug operations into the United States are staged. Methamphetamine, cocaine and a variety of other drugs and weapons are suspected to be part of their massive and powerful illegal trade.

The agreement on Caro-Quintero's extradition was related to a drug cartel crackdown announced Wednesday that involved the arrest of hundreds of suspects. He was handed over to U.S. officials Wednesday in Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas, according to the Associated Press.

Caro-Quintero is the brother of Rafael, a legendary drug baron, who is in a Mexican prison for the 1985 slaying of DEA Special Agent Kiki Camarena.

U.S. Embassy charge d'affaires Leslie Bassett praised Mexico's "excellent cooperation" on extraditions.

Caro-Quintero's extradition brings the number of suspects sent to the United States to 195 since President Felipe Calderon took office in 2006.

FOX News' Adam Housley and The Associated Press contributed to this report.