Australian Teen Dies in Secret After-School 'Fight Club'

A teenage boy in Australia died after he was punched in the head during a voluntary "fight club" organized by students in a local park after school.

Ninth grade student Stephen Luu died in Liverpool Hospital three days after he was punched by a seventh grade boy whom police said was 12 or 13.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that the boys involved in the fight club made a pact to conceal what really happened, claiming the dead student had been hit on the head by a soccer ball.

School incident reports obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal the fight club was run by high school students in Sydney.

One fight, filmed on a student's cell phone in September, shows students removing their shirts before wrapping them around their fists and boxing.

Cell phone footage seized by police shows the seventh grader punching Luu to the ground.

Luu complained of dizziness and was helped home by his younger brother, and later died from a brain hemorrhage.

Sgt. David Hatchwell of Green Valley police said investigations into the incident were still being made but no charges had been made.

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