Teen Who Once Ate 15,000 Calories a Day Drops 280 Pounds

An overweight teenager who once ate 15,000 calories a day has lost 280 pounds after undergoing weight-loss surgery.

Malissa Jones, of Selby in North Yorks, England, tipped the scales at 476 pounds at the age of 16 and was constantly gorging on chocolate, chips and other junk food, sometimes eating 10 candy bars in one sitting.

She was so hooked on eating she would raid the freezer in the middle of the night and gobble down partially-thawed raw burgers.

In the end Jones was barely able to move. She needed oxygen so she could breathe while sleeping and suffered angina — a heart disease usually associated with older people.

Doctors told her to lose weight or she would die. At 17, she decided to have gastric bypass surgery. The operation helped Jones lose more than half her body weight in just one year.

Now she is saving to have an operation to remove 14 pounds of excess sagging skin caused by her dramatic weight loss.

“I’ve discovered a whole new world," the teen said. "I’m out every weekend clubbing. I’ve had a lot more boyfriends because I feel much more attractive and confident.”

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