Britain Faces 'Summer of Rage,' Police Say

British police are warning there could be a "summer of rage" if the economic crisis continues, the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper reported Monday.

Metropolitan police superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads their public order branch, told the paper those who in the past never thought of joining demonstrations against financial institutions may now do so, creating potentially violent mass protests.

He specifically cited those in the middle-class.

Activists are "intent on coming on to the street to create public disorder," Hartshorn told the Guardian.

While there have been protests in the past, Hartshorn warns that those who've lost their homes, savings or jobs are becoming "foot soldiers."

"It means that where we would possibly look at certain events and say, 'yes there'll be a lot of people there, there'll be a lot of banner waving, but generally it will be peaceful,' [now] we have to make sure these elements don't come out and hijack that event and turn that into disorder," Hartshorn said.

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