Boy Recovers From Severe Facial Burns, Loses Freckles

A British teen, who was severely burned when an aerosol can exploded in his face, is doing well, despite losing some freckles.

Doctors feared Aiden Kelly would be scarred for life — but just weeks after he suffered severe burns to his face — his skin started to grow back, the Daily Mail reported.

The 15-year-old said everything turned out “well” considering the only thing he lost was his freckles.

“I really wanted to get rid of the freckles before because I didn't think they looked very good,” Aiden told the newspaper. “Then I got burnt — and this was the upside to it.”

Aiden was camping with friends last May when someone threw an aerosol can onto the campfire. Moments later, the pressurized can exploded in his face.

For the past six months, the teenager has followed a strict regimen to help his skin grow back, including daily applications of special ointments and avoiding sun exposure, according to the report.

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