6 Inmates Caught, 2 Still at Large After Breaking Out of Mississippi Jail

Authorities have caught sixof eight inmates who fled the Marion County jail early Monday.

Sheriff Berkley Hall said the inmates escaped from the jail, which holds county and state inmates, around 3 a.m. He did not release any details of the escape and said an investigation was continuing.

Inmate Toney T. Clark, 21, was caught a few hours after the escape in Lumberton and returned to the Marion County jail, Hall said. Six other inmates - John David Smith Jr., 18; Mickah Lott, 28; David L. Johnson Jr., 23; Brandon Silas, 28; and Ricky Chadwick Roberts, 18 - were caught at Monday afternoon 2 p.m. central time.

Clark was arrested Oct. 4 in Lamar County and charged with resisting arrest, destroying city property, simple assault on police officer and disorderly conduct.

Hall said the inmates were all wearing orange jail-issued clothing when they got out, but changed clothes meaning they must have had help from people on the outside.

The convicts that are still at large were identified as Derrick Rainey, 21, and Eric Ball, 20.

Hall said Johnson and Roberts were being held on charges of burglary, felony fleeing, receiving stolen property and possession of burglary tools in Marion County and kidnapping, robbery and grand larceny in Pike County when they escaped in January 2008. They later were charged with escape from a correctional facility and taking a motor vehicle.

Smith was being held on capital murder charges in the November shooting death of Joe Von Stringer, 55, in Marion County and is still at-large.

Lott was serving a life sentence for a murder in Simpson County.

Rainey was arrested June 14 and charged with two counts of felony domestic assault in Marion County.

Ball was arrested June 12 for breaking and entering and receiving stolen property.

Silas was arrested June 12 and May 19 and charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and other crimes in Marion County.