34,000 Apply for 'Best Job in World' On Paradise Island

An Australian tourism agency has been forced to pull in extra staff to go through 34,684 applicants for their Barrier Reef 'dream job'.

The successful marketing campaign to find a caretaker for the Great Barrier Reef experienced a last minute rush of 7,500 applications before of yesterday's deadline, said organizers.

Queensland Tourism Minister Desley Boyle said they had hoped to close applications off at 30,000, but decided to waive the cap to give as many people as possible the opportunity to apply.

"At one point there were 4,000 people around the world all trying to upload their videos at the same time," Boyle said.

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"We had been advising people for a couple of weeks not to leave their submission until the last minute as we were expecting a huge spike but nonetheless many still left it until the last day or two."

Boyle said she was "blown away" by the interest in the Island Caretaker role and has had to restructure the entire tourism department to sort through the applications.

"In addition to the core team processing the videos, Tourism Queensland has pulled additional staff from their regular duties and trained them on application processing to ensure all submissions are processed over the next couple of days," she said.

The highest number of applicants came from the United States with 11,565, followed by Canada with 2791, Great Britain with 2262 and Australia with 2064.

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