2 Sentenced to Death for Chinese Snack Bar Poisoning

Two migrant workers have been sentenced to death for poisoning food at a snack bar in the southern Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen, killing two diners and sickening 61 others, state media said.

The poisonings last February were part of a business dispute, the official Xinhua News Agency said late Monday.

Ke Bizhi was sentenced to death, while Wang Yingde was also given death but with the possibility of it being commuted to a life sentence if he shows good behavior over the next two years, the report said.

The two have appealed their sentences, it said.

Zhu Yuanlin, the businessman who masterminded the plot, was sentenced to life in prison, Xinhua said. He also appealed his sentence.

The report said another man was given 15 years for his role in the scheme.

Shenzhen is a freewheeling city just across the border from Hong Kong that over the past 30 years has grown from a village into a city of more than 10 million people.