RONALD CUMMINGS : This is uncalled for.

GERALDO RIVERA : Chad and Marcus told me that during the vigil, you told them you were 75 percent sure who took Haleigh.

RONALD CUMMINGS : There is no way — I do not know who took Haleigh. If I had — if I had, uh, five percent of where Haleigh was at, I would be there now and not here.

GERALDO RIVERA : Did you tell them that, though? Maybe you weren’t — maybe you were just [OVERLAP] were just — are they lying?

RONALD CUMMINGS : Yes, they’re absolutely lying. No, for no reason have I ever told anybody that I have any clue where my child is at. If I had any clue where my child — you know, national TV, they’re a bunch of liars. Chad and whoever told you this are a bunch of liars. I never even spoke with them.

GERALDO RIVERA : They told — they told me that you hit Haleigh. Is that true?

RONALD CUMMINGS : No. Never, ever have I ever hit my child. Me and my child have an agreement. Daddy, daughter. She has been spanked on her behind the way DCF says that you can take care of disciplining your children.

GERALDO RIVERA : You never backhanded her to the face?

RONALD CUMMINGS : [OVERLAP] Never. Never have I ever backhanded my child in the face, ever.

GERALDO RIVERA : Did you hit Crystal when she was pregnant?

RONALD CUMMINGS : No. I did not. Never.

GERALDO RIVERA : You didn’t hit her in the back of the head and kick her?

RONALD CUMMINGS : No. No. I never have.

GERALDO RIVERA : You swear to God you never hit your pregnant woman?

RONALD CUMMINGS : [OVERLAP] Never. Never, never have I ever hit any woman, period. Never. And I’d like to know where all these allegations are coming from because I would like to talk — talk to law enforcement and have these false allegations, um, known that, um, the false allegations against me, somebody needs criminal charges pressed against them.

GERALDO RIVERA : What about the allegations of cocaine use, methamphetamine use?

RONALD CUMMINGS : There’s nothing. I do not do drugs.

GERALDO RIVERA : You don’t do drugs? All those arrests were all —


GERALDO RIVERA : Do you work for the police? Are you an informant?

RONALD CUMMINGS : No, I am no an informant. I do not work for the police. I work for PDM, which is a, um, bridge building company. That’s who I work for.

GERALDO RIVERA : And you’ve never been involved in the drug trade?


GERALDO RIVERA : And when they tell me they saw bricks of marijuana that you had in the house, plants all around the house, is that a lie?

RONALD CUMMINGS : It is absolutely a lie and I would like to know where the information is coming from so that I can get, um, the proper authorities to take care of this.

GERALDO RIVERA : You’re — put all this stuff aside. If some associate of yours, some associate that had something to do with drugs and this is not about drugs but if these people are on the dark side of life, don’t you think that you should share that information? Share — tell us about — when you told Marcus and Chad that you were 75 percent sure and you had your gun ready and your — and you had your gun ready and you were gonna go get em, didn’t you say that? Isn’t that a fact, Ron?

RONALD CUMMINGS : No, it is not a fact.

GERALDO RIVERA : Why would they make that up? Why would they make that up?

RONALD CUMMINGS : I don’t know why they would make [OVERLAP] for you. But I — I am fixing [OVERLAP] to have the law called right here, right now because you’re making up things or they’re making up things and you’re getting into —

GERALDO RIVERA : I am — I am relating to you what they are saying.


MALE : You need to back off, man. That’s my son.

GERALDO RIVERA : Alright. Well I’m sorry — I am sorry for what has happened.


MALE : You need to go.

FEMALE : We are — [OVERLAPPED CONVERSATION] Listen. You wanna come up here and make [OVERLAP] allegations. Why don’t you go back to —

GERALDO RIVERA : These are not my allegations, mamn. These are not my allegations. You have to understand that.

FEMALE : [OVERLAP] Okay. [OVERLAP] All we care about —

GERALDO RIVERA : You have to understand this is not my allegation. Don’t touch him, don’t touch him, please. We’re leaving. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go.

RONALD CUMMINGS : [OVERLAP] I wanted you to see that all this is about is my daughter. I love you, baby. [OVERLAP] If you are out there, I want you to know that I love you and I will find you, baby. I love you. And two, whoever — whoever has you, please bring my daughter home to me. I love my daughter. I love you, baby. I will find you.

GERALDO RIVERA : You believe she’s alive then?

RONALD CUMMINGS : I’m always gonnd believe that my daughter’s alive until they find her.