Man Says He May Be Father of Octuplets

A man who believes he may be the father of Nadya Suleman's octuplets says he is willing to help the mother of 14 out.

The possible father tells Good Morning America in a taping to be aired Monday that Suleman, who he says was married at the time, took him to the clinic at which she received in vitro fertilization to donate sperm.

The man says he dated Suleman for three years and also twice made donations at home.

He said he was initially told by Suleman that she had cancer and would not be able to conceive without a doctor’s help.

"[I] just really want to know if these are [or] these are not my kids," the donor told Good Morning America.

Though he is not sure if he is the father of the octuplets, he said he wants to help Suleman because he doesn’t think she can handle it on her own.

"Either which way, you know, know that if she needs it I'll lend a helping hand," he said.

Suleman has denied that the man is the father.