Model Vanishes After Millionaire Boyfriend's Drug Death

A British model is missing after her millionaire boyfriend died from a cocaine overdose last weekend, the Daily Mail reports.

Kyara Dekker, who was described as "devastated" by lover Melvin Sabour's death, has not been seen or heard from for 24 hours. She reportedly left a message on a friend's cell phone saying, "I'm going away, goodbye."

Dekker, 28, called an ambulance Sunday night when Sabour, the 44-year-old managing director of an investment firm, collapsed in front of her at his London apartment after an alleged drug binge.

Police are not treating Sabour's death as suspicious, but are investigating where the drugs came from.

Russian fashion designer Nicole Sconciaforni rushed to Dekker's side after receiving a hysterical call.

"Kyara is in pieces," she told the Mail. "She told me Tom was taking cocaine and then blood started coming from his mouth and he was dead. It was as sudden as that."

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