Dad Who Killed Self, 2 Kids Left Behind Homemade Bomb to Kill Ex

A deranged father who killed both himself and his two young children last year in England left behind an envelope attached to a homemade bomb for his ex-wife in a last ditch attempt to murder her as well, the Daily Mail reported.

The envelope, which Brian Philcox, 53, left glued to his kitchen counter, was addressed to "Bitch" and was intricately rigged to a bomb hidden in the kitchen's walls, according to the Daily Mail.

Police later determined that ripping the envelope from the counter was meant to spark a fuse leading under the table, behind the baseboards and to the bomb, the Daily Mail reported.

The explosive failed to detonate when the envelope was detached from the counter, the Daily Mail reported, but two days later another package arrived at the home of Philcox's estranged wife, Evelyn McAuliffe. Philcox had sent another bomb through the mail.

Philcox drugged both of his children, Amy, 7, and Owen, 3, with chloroform last June before attaching a vaccuum cleaner to the exhaust pipe of his car.

The three were found dead on Father's Day as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, sitting side by side in the backseat of Philcox's Land Rover, according to the Daily Mail, .

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