Alex Rodriguez Connected to Steroid-Linked Trainer

Embattled Yankee star Alex Rodriguez has purportedly had a long relationship with Angel Presinal, a steroid-linked clubhouse trainer banned from the private areas of MLB ballparks nationwide, the Daily News reported.

Rodriguez and Presinal have reportedly been close dating back to the Yankee player's time with the Texas Rangers, according to the Daily News.

The relationship between the two men continued throughout Rodriguez's career with the Yankees with Presinal reportedly accompanying Rodriguez throughout the entire 2007 season despite warnings from the MLB advising players to stay away from the trainer, according to the Daily News.

On the road Presinal apparently stayed in the same hotel as Rodriguez but in a separate room with the "cousin," Yuri Sucart, he named a few days ago as his steroid source from 2001-03, according to the Daily News.

A former New York-area scout says Presinal, whose named surfaced in the Mitchell Report, was also with Rodriguez in New York and Miami as recently as this past fall, the Daily News reported.

"He's an unsavory character," said a source.

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