British Couple Arrested With 52 Pounds of Cocaine Traveling With 4 Kids

Two British citizens were arrested Monday by police in Venezuela for suspected drugs offenses, leaving four children in the care of the country's social services.

The Foreign Office said the pair were arrested at the airport on the island of Margarita, off the north coast of the country.

They were accompanied by four minors, who were taken into care by the authorities.

"I can confirm that two British nationals were arrested at Margarita Airport in Venezuela on February 16," a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said. "Four accompanying minors are in the care of Venezuelan social services. We are providing appropriate consular assistance."

The spokeswoman could not confirm if the two people arrested were a couple, or the children part of their family.

The adults were reportedly arrested at the airport while allegedly carrying cocaine hidden in three suitcases.

Sky News reported that the Britons arrested were a couple and were allegedly found with 52 pounds of cocaine at the airport.

They were about to fly out of Margarita to London with their children when they were held.

The children — said to be twins aged two, a seven-year-old and an eight-year-old — are thought to have been placed in foster care.

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