Indiana Man Protests $4,000 Tax Bill By Paying in Coins

A South Bend man has paid a $4,079 property tax bill in coins to protest different assessments for his home and for a rental property he owns across the street.
Richard Ross and his son-in-law lugged two carts with 11 sacks of change into the St. Joseph County treasurer's office Tuesday. He said the money was the property tax for the rental home.
"Same size house, same value, but because it's a rental home and I don't live in it, I don't have the benefit of any of the exemptions or credits," Ross said. "So, in effect, the property taxes there are four times as much as on my personal dwelling.
"It just doesn't seem fair."
Ross and County Treasurer Sean Coleman took the coins to a bank to have them counted automatically. He was short $1.07, which he paid out of pocket with a dollar bill, a nickel and two pennies.
"I'm sorry to put you through this, but I don't have any other way to protest," Ross told Coleman.