British Soldiers Banned From Facebook, MySpace

British soldiers have been told to stop using social-networking Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace because of security concerns, it has emerged.

Using the sites, blogging and even playing online multiplayer games could now be deemed to be a "public disclosure of information" — a potential security breach.

Troops were said to be angered by the move as sites like Facebook provide a way of keeping in touch with loved ones back home.

An NCO in Afghanistan told The Sun: "The fun police have taken over. I can't talk to my wife and kids or even play 'Call of Duty 5.' Do they really think we're going to give away secrets?"

Another soldier said: "It's the most offensive thing I've ever heard. We're prepared to die for the country and are treated like children. I am going to ignore it. A lot of the lads are going to do the same."

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