Residents Return to Fire-Destroyed Australian Town

Residents from Marysville, Australia, have returned to their destroyed town for the first time since the Victoria fires last Saturday.

Police have imposed heavy restrictions on access to the town, now considered a crime scene.

Residents witnessed the devastation from a fleet of shuttle buses. They had to reportedly show ID papers, stay on the bus and were not allowed to take photos.

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The blaze in the popular tourist town claimed at least 12 lives. It is feared up to 100 may have died - one fifth of the town's residents. Nearly all residents have lost their homes.

Peter and Vera Gill said the visit would be difficult but Peter Gill wanted to see what was left of the El Kanah 1930s guesthouse the couple ran in the town.

El Kanah was a rural retreat and also accommodated disadvantaged people.

"We have had so many calls of support that we will definitely rebuild," Peter Gill said.

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