TurboTax Tim Geithner Falls Flat

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

We Needed What?

They told us we had to swallow TurboTax Tim Geithner's teeny, tiny $42,000 tax mistake because his steady hand -- and his alone -- is the only one that can bring the nation out of its current economic woes.

National Review Online's Kathryn Lopez points out that after Mr. Geithner's unveiling Tuesday of TARP II, the sequel, the reviews are in: The New York Times says, "Stocks slide as new bailout disappoints." The Washington Post announced, "In 1.5 trillion dollar rescue, few details; Wall Street responds with a sharp sell-off, sinking Dow 4.6 percent."

The West Coast was equally unimpressed. According to The Los Angeles Times, "Stocks tumble after Geithner unveils financial plan." CNN's headline blared, "Wall Street: Thumbs down on bailout." The AP piled on with this: "Stocks tumble after government unveils financial plan." And Reuters reports, "Geithner on the defensive in his big debut."

Well thank heavens we hired this guy!

Try, Try Again

After bringing down the house Tuesday night, Mr. Geithner headed to Capitol Hill Wednesday morning to defend the new TARP bill. He appeared, well, visibly shaken. In recognition of his less than stellar performance, he is the recipient of Wednesday evening's Liberal Translation treatment:


TIMOTHY GEITHNER, TREASURY SECRETARY: Completely understand the desire for details and commitments. But we're going to do this carefully, consult carefully.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Sure, I understand the desire for details, but we have none. Stop pressing me!

GEITHNER: So we don't put ourselves in the position again where we're laying out details ahead of the care and substance necessary to get it right which requires quick departures and changes in strategy.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Don't be surprised if those changes correspond with changes in public opinion polls.

GEITHNER: I do not want to do that. I don't think that would be helpful for certainty.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I'm as clueless as Hank Paulson.

GEITHNER: And I want to be careful and be responsive to the understandable desire in the Congress and elsewhere that we consult as we design and go forward and that we be careful to get it right.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Because Congress is so good at designing things.


Better luck next hearing, Mr. Secretary.

Sacking Shuler

A former NFL quarterback turned Democratic congressman says his own party's leadership has failed the American people by ramming through the partisan spending bill without consulting any opponents of the measure.

North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler was one of 11 House Democrats to vote against the bill and says that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid cost the bill credibility by not reaching out to Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans.

Reid spokesman Jim Manley took the high road on the matter, responding to the former Heisman runner-up's comments by saying, "Let me get this straight — this is coming from a guy who threw more than twice as many interceptions than touchdowns?"

Very professional, Mr. Manley. I'm sure you fit in well in Senator Reid's office.

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