Shark Attacks Australian Surfer Day After Diver Loses Hand

A surfer was attacked Thursday by a shark at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach, seriously injuring his left hand and arm.

The 33-year-old Dover Heights man was surfing at the southern end of the beach when he felt something bite him on the arm, police said.

After calling for help, the man was helped to shore by a number of other surfers.

He sustained severe injuries to his left arm and was taken to the hospital.

A police spokeswoman said the man was fortunate to receive assistance from a number of off-duty doctors who were on the beach at the time he was bitten, which helped stem massive bleeding.

The attack comes one day after a navy diver was savagely attacked by a shark in Sydney Harbor.

The diver lost a hand and has severe injuries to his leg.

The family of the 31-year-old diver, Able Seaman Paul de Gelder, has thanked medical staff and the navy and says he's in "high spirits" despite his serious injuries.

De Gelder was attacked Wednesday when he was taking part in an underwater trial to test new naval defense technology.

"As a result of the attack, Paul has lost his right hand above the wrist and may lose his right leg, however, he is in high spirits," his family said in a statement released though the Defense Department.

Last month, there were three shark attacks in Australian waters in just two days.

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