Mexican Border War Putting U.S. at Risk?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: A lobbyist at the Pentagon. Is Big Brother is going to take over your healthcare? Oh, I hope so, because they've done such wonderful things with everything else. For instance, the border. Did you hear the story about — it came from Arizona — the rancher.

I don't know how much land he has, but his name is Roger Barnett. He has turned over to the authorities 12,000 illegal immigrants since 1998. 12,000 — it's like, oh, crap, they're on my lawn again. You've got to be kidding me. Now, he's being sued by 16 illegal aliens. It says in every news copy, "immigrants."

No, no, you have to come through the front door to be called an immigrant. Illegal alien — and they're seeking $32 million in damages. We hope to have him on the program tomorrow to talk about this. This is people being pushed all the way up to here, and it violates — I counted four out of our nine principles we'll get into here in a little while.

The things that really — they are commonsense things. This is setting us up for real trouble. And the border, I have a feeling, is going to be one of the flash points.

Michael Scheuer — he is the author of "Marching Towards Hell." Hello, Michael. How are you, Sir?

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BECK: Very good. Michael, you and I go back a long time and you and I don't agree on everything. But I believe you are a man of integrity and honesty.

And I had to talk to you about the border because, you know, they are saying that Mexico could melt down. Our CIA is saying that Pakistan and Mexico are the most unstable in the world, and that's saying something, and could melt down at any time.

So Mexico is our number two threat. Al Qaeda is our number one threat. You say they might be combined.

SCHEUER: Oh sure, Glenn. They have been studying the Mexican border since at least 2002 if you look at their electronic journals. They are fascinated with the fact that America doesn't protect its borders they're particularly interested in how many trucks get across the border without being inspected.

As you can see as what's going on in Afghanistan, Glenn, they're very good at using unprotected borders to move their people into attack.

BECK: Michael, you were on — if I'm not mistaken, the first time we spoke to each other, I actually had you on, because you really pissed me off. You were the head of the CIA Osama Bin Laden unit. And if I'm not mistaken, if I remember the history right here, you left because you realized we're not serious about this. We're not actually doing anything.

And it was a time when everybody was waving the flag and, yes. And you made me so angry that I checked into you and I had you on the air. And unfortunately, I had to say, "As much as I hate what this guy is saying, he's right."

Now, Michael, our government knows exactly what's going on on the border. They know exactly what's coming our way. They know how many people that are not just good Mexicans coming in just to work in, you know, in those jobs that Americans won't do. They know how many people could possibly be terrorists are coming across this border and they do nothing. Why?

SCHEUER: They do nothing and they suppress the information, Glenn. They don't tell you how many Arabs they catch every month. I think you should talk to the North American military command, and find out how many of the Arabs are sneaking across that border every month.

BECK: You have friends in those circles. Do you have any idea?

SCHEUER: Well, it's — no, well, I have a rough idea, Sir, but it's not as many the Mexicans or the Hispanics but it's in the area of dozens a month. And how many do you need? Over time, if you get a dozen in a month that nobody — you have over 100 in a year. Glenn, our political elite does not care about protecting Americans.

BECK: You know, that's quite a charge. That's really quite a charge, Michael, to say — I mean, look, I disagree with our politicians, a good number of our politicians. But to say that they don't care about America and the safety is quite a charge.

SCHEUER: Well, look at our borders, Sir. If National Defense doesn't include border control, then National Defense is a nonsense. They don't care — look at the jobs they have given to the men and women in Afghanistan that are impossible to do. They don't care that so many of those young men and women are losing their lives, and not having a chance to win because they're not supported.

They want to play games at home. They want to stay in power forever. They want their office. They don't want to protect the United States. They somehow think that America is eternal and can never be defeated. Well, they're going to be in for a great wakeup call, Sir.

BECK: Michael, because I know who you are, I know what you have done over the years, you saying that frightens me just a bit. Thanks, Michael. We'll talk again.

SCHEUER: Yes, Sir.

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