Lawyers Trade Barbs in New York Kidney Divorce Case

The attorney for a Long Island doctor suing his wife over a donated kidney in an ugly divorce case is lashing out at a woman who says the doctor mentally and physically abused her over 20 years ago, Newsday reported.

Pamela Rathburn-Ray, who dated vascular surgeon Dr. Richard Batista in the mid-1980s, stirred the pot earlier this week when she accused the doctor of making threats and beating her up during their relationship, Newsday reported.

But Wednesday, Batista disputed the claims, calling Rathburn-Ray an unfaithful drug addict, and said he took back the engagement ring when he caught her cheating on him.

In addition, Batista’s attorney Dominic Barbara charged that Rathburn-Ray was suspended by the hospital she worked at for writing phony prescriptions to herself.

Rathburn-Ray’s lawyer John Ray, admitted that his client was suspended for two years, MyFOXNY reported.

Batista grabbed headlines last month after he filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against his estranged wife, Dawnell Batista, over a kidney he donated to her while they were still together. She has been accused by her husband of cheating on him with her physical therapist.

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