The 30 Day Heartbreak Cure

Remember that famous Sex & the City moment when Carrie says to Big, “We’re so over, we need a new word for over"? Wow, that only took three seasons! Or how about the fact that Grey’s Anatomy doc Izzie Stevens is dating her dead boyfriend, because she just can’t seem to get over him!

We can all certainly relate to our favorite TV characters when it comes to that guy we just can’t kick! Worry not! One daytime star has pulled from her character’s crazy love life and her own relationship experience to put together a 30 day plan that can help heal that heartbreak pronto! We talked to Soap star Catherine Hickland about her new book, The 30 Day Heartbreak Cure.


Like many women, Catherine was struggling over a breakup. She wanted desperately to avoid that gut reaction to binge eat and wallow in misery. She found herself staring at a wall calendar and noticed it was the 1st of the month. That’s when it hit her! Like many of us, Catherine had, throughout her life, set career goals but not personal goals. And an idea was born. Catherine circled day thirty on her calendar and began creating the program that would not only get her over her ex, but help other women do the same.

Day 1-30!

The 30 Day Heartbreak Cure is a goal driven guide for women. Each chapter brings women one step closer to forgetting that break-up and finding the right guy! For example, the first couple of days, Catherine allows you to mourn, cry, and revel in your desperation. Later in the book however, women are encouraged to get to know themselves. The author reminds women to focus on what they want not what HE wants!

A Sneak Peak

So you’re dying to know what else it takes to get over that jerk and move on? Here are a few other suggestions from Catherine:

Follow the Signs!

Whether during the relationship or after, there are always signs right in front of us that we usually try to ignore! Admitting this is half the battle. Catherine says to learn from these mistakes and avoid letting it happen again!

Get to the Meat of Things

Catherine thinks figuring out what it is you want to change about yourself from your last relationship is a good way to start. Were you too nice? Jealous? Forgiving? Figure out what YOU need to change to make the next relationship work for you!

Remember the first step in changing yourself is admitting that you need to turn things around. For more on dating and relationship advice log onto

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