Fresh Snow Chaos Leaves U.K. Motorists Trapped Overnight

Hundreds of motorists were trapped in their cars and thousands of schools are again shut Friday as more heavy snowfall overnight brought renewed chaos across Britain.

Major roads, including the two Severn bridges, remain closed for “safety reasons” and all flights to and from Luton airport were cancelled until midday.

Hundreds of cars were stranded on the roads overnight and a woman in labor with twins was taken to a hospital in a fire engine after an ambulance and a Sea King helicopter could not get through the snow.

Meanwhile, in some areas only major routes are being cleared as councils’ supplies of grit and salt run perilously low.

Drivers Friday described the fear they felt, as “horrific” blizzard conditions in Devon brought traffic to a standstill.

More than 200 cars in the county were stuck on the roads all night as emergency services battled to reach them. Hundreds of people were picked up by police and the Army and taken to a series of shelters, but others were forced to spend the night in their vehicles.

“I’ve never driven in anything like it before in my life and hope to never drive in anything like it again,” said driver Lucy Johnson.

“Cars were skidding off the road. It was coming down so heavily you could barely see. It was horrific.”

Johnson, from Modbury in south Devon, spent the night in a hotel and said she was grateful that her mother Carolyn had been able to take care of her 2-year-old son, Toby.

“I still don’t know how I am going to get home. My car is stuck and I am stranded.”

Some drivers abandoned their vehicles and walked through the snow to emergency shelters A spokesman for the Highways Agency said that everyone who spent the night in their car had been helped to safety by 8 a.m. Friday.

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